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Vancouver Fashion Week ss 2018

It’s been a couple years since I’ve been to Vancouver Fashion Week.

I remember the first time I went and the tents were outside of Queen E Theatre. They had a beautiful VIP section with so many designers and brands set up to showcase their collection.

I was 18 and my eyes were wide open to everything that was going on since I had just entered the Vancouver fashion scene with my blog and working with a stylist.

Obviously, the best part is people watching and meeting some characters that don’t take life so seriously – refreshing.

This year they had a few vendors: Michael Top for jewelry, Lorem Ipsum that showcased high-quality coats (LOVE!), Meiomi for wine tasting, & couple others.

I was invited by Michael Top to attend VFW. I had the chance to pick out stackable rings which I love the way they sparkle in the light, the design choice of making them rose gold, gold, and silver (you wouldn’t notice unless you looked at the bands closely), and the design is trendy & simple.

Outfit: I went to the Aritzia Warehouse Sale on Saturday which means if you like shopping at Winners or The Bay then you are prepared for the mess the people before you made!

I bought this Wilfred Le Fou skirt ONLY for the material and the potential it may have. I kept telling J ‘I have a vision’.

The design reminded me of Singapore, and I love velvet so I wasn’t willing to let it go even though it was too big and too long.

Every few days I tried the skirt on, and knew I had no other option. I had to cut it.

So I did! Got a ruler, some chalk and sewing scissors.

Cut off 3 inches and I got the perfect length! Ta-daaaaaa

The bandeau top I’m wearing is actually a tube top that I folded upwards. If I had kept it long, it would have been more of a business look, but with some mid-drift showing it looked more fashion forward.

I added the chain gold belt that originally goes with another skirt I have. The chain helps tie in the jacket with the rest of the look.

Top: Dynamite // Jacket: Tara Jarmon // Skirt: Wilfred Le Fou // Jewelry: Michael Top // Heels: Aldo

All photos from William Luk


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