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Unsymmetric ​Aesthetics

There's something about unsymmetrical pieces of clothing that make me feel uneasy but I thought 'today I will try it' as we were pulling clothes for the shoot.

When I see other people I love it and then when I look at myself in the mirror wearing it, it drives me crazy! Honestly, I don't think I'll be able to buy a shirt like this. I'll let other people make it look fashion-forward.

Now when it comes to pleaded skirts - I love them because of their simplicity and elegance. It might be because Meghan Markle started wearing them when she became a royal ;)

A simple, just-over-the-knee, pleaded skirt is a staple piece to your wardrobe that you can dress up with a blazer or down with a baggy sweater.

I bought one during the Aritzia Warehouse sale and altered it myself a little bit (read here) and I've worn it for different occasions such as weddings, business meetings and friend's birthday dinners.

In short: find a pattern or a color that you like, and get one for your closet!

This shoot is dedicated to Valentine's Day & the snowy mood

Shooting day with William Luk

Make up artist: Be Bridal

Clothes from: Couturist


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