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People Will Stare. Make it Worth Their While.

Girly girls: This one is for you ladies!

Pastels are everything for the summer time, they are sweet & pretty, and it is super easy to match them up together, aka to create the color blocking trend. Since I love pink & yellow is my new favorite, I just had to combine them together. The pants from Marc’OPolo are comfortable, light and amazing for summer weather! I know yellow looks like a scary and -out of comfort zone- color to wear, but because it’s a pastel color, it isn’t as scary, I promise. The 3/4 sleeve shirt from Guess, is cool enough, especially with the scoop back. Once you get this shirt (which you MUST), after you feel how soft it is, you’ll be petting yourself all day, purrrrrr!

The black belt added the extra edge that I needed, to be able to wear black Guess heels. Without the belt, the black heels would of looked out of content. I added a little bling bling with faux diamond bracelets & my new found – Coach ring.

P.S. I promise you, I am not trying to give you or the ground dirty stares, the sun just gets in my eye balls and it makes me look angry (wah).


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