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Lamborghini Mercy

The biggest inspiration of this outfit is Sex and The City. When I put these pants on, in Zara, I wasn’t sure what I thought about them, then they started to grow on me. I started to love the flow & how flirty they can be. The only word that came to my mind was: Hamptons.This is THE outfit for a night out on the town! The sparkles will catch the lights on the streets. The wide leg, high waist pant are the best to show off those curves (especially on the dance floor)!My main focus was to show off the back (and front) of this gorgeous shirt from Zara, that I went on a major hunt for by the way (trying to find my size, urgh), which is why I kept the hair up. I still wanted to keep it flirty with soft curls. To hide the elastic, I decided to have a little braid and wrap it around, then just pinned it with a bobby pin. Little details like the braid make the overall look fancy, when really they’re just simple details to add.I kept a purple tone to my nails & lips to go with the pastel purple of the shirt. I’ve been experimenting with blush and how to have a softer look or a more edgy look (post coming up on make up details, look fab easy & quickly). Trying to accentuate my none existant cheek bones I went for a bronze underneath & soft pink for my cheeks, all from Nars.These white heels from Aldo were the perfect combination to keep the focus on the shirt. Clutch with the gold chain from Thursday Island.I wanted to keep the sparkle going, thus why I added 3 sparkly bracelets that my auntie got me from New York. Gold rings from Coach & the other from BCBG: the best, I promise you! I dislike having green fingers from rings, just kills my vibe.

Photographer: Sadat Rahman


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