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Kinross Group Financial Inc.

The financial industry is still perceived as a very traditional industry, however they have made some significant changes such as creating insurance applications that you can fill out online with your financial advisor - making it easier for you and the advisor.

A question people often ask is "do they have a website?" and then they judge you based on your website - whether it is user friendly, or does it have the information they are looking for.

First, people will associate having a website to you being 'legit' then they will judge their experience on your website and decide if you're the person for them.

These are some of the items I completed for KGF:

  • create a user-friendly website for Desktop + Mobile

  • purchase of a domain and transferring it over to the hosting site.

  • design a logo according to what the client wanted

  • write content for the website

  • set up and begin SEO optimization


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