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From business strategy and digital marketing to social media management
tackled by an entrepreneurial spirit seeking to help others, and fueled by caffeine!



Born in Vancouver & spent my childhood in France then went to BCIT School of Business for my degree in business (B.B.A. Honours).


Services offered include but not limited to:

  • social media management (scheduling, creating, scheduling, posting, monitoring)

  • online branding (Presence on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & other online platforms)

  • plan & execute all web, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Paid Social Media Ads including but not limited to Youtube Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter

  • creative designs (posters, logos, and original social media content)

  • create collaborations (brand relationship)

  • conducts social media audits and competitive analyses

  • develops creative content strategies for branded social media channels

  • compile and analyze social media data for each platform: reporting key metrics

  • conducts influencer research and relations

  • translate content (to or from French) 

  • strategize your next business move


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